Wide variety of styles

Cabinets that are beyond beautiful

At The Flooring Group, we carry a wide variety of high quality cabinets that look absolutely spectacular. In fact, you’ll find a huge selection of surprisingly-appealing styles, sizes, finishes, and colors for you and your clients to choose from. And all of those options come to you from some of the very best cabinetry manufacturers.

While once considered fairly pedestrian, the cabinets of today are designed to look quite striking. They also include thoughtful features like glass panels inside cabinet doors. Which allows homeowners to show off their china and other cherished items.

The perfect spot for just about everything

The more belongings that we all acquire, the more important it is that we manage to find a logical place for it all. And that’s precisely what cabinets were born to do. Certainly, kitchen cabinets are the first to leap to mind. But cabinets are also critical for keeping bathrooms, laundry rooms and even workshops well-organized.

The available offerings are almost limitless. Lazy Susans are making the most out of the space in corner kitchen cabinets. Toe kick drawers utilize every last little inch of space near the floor. And instead of having to rummage through your spice rack while you’re cooking, wouldn’t a narrow pull-out drawer make life a lot easier?

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Top it all off with quartz countertops

If you’re helping a client select all new kitchen cabinets, there’s a high probability that new countertops will be required as well. That’s why at The Flooring Group we also conveniently carry both slab granite and quartz countertops. All at unbeatable prices.

Quartz, in particular, is highly coveted today because it’s literally one of the hardest minerals on earth. That makes quartz countertops incredibly durable. Plus, they are also incredibly easy to maintain. That’s what we would call a win-win.
Cabinets in Denver, CO from The Flooring Group

Open up that cabinet door to incredible service too

Having a gazillion options is great, but it can be a tad overwhelming as well. That’s why at The Flooring Group we’re infinitely prepared to advise you. Different manufacturers, for instance, have different lead times. So that can be very important information to know.

Depending upon the complexity and scope of your cabinetry project, you may even qualify for free design services from one of our trusted advisors. Ready to talk? Don’t wait. Call to make an appointment now.