Carpet is soft and stunning

If your or your customers love to place your bare feet onto a comfy, luxurious carpet as you stroll around your home, reach out to us. We have an outstanding inventory of all types of attractive carpet at the best prices.  
The Flooring Group is committed to helping customers and contractors get the best flooring experience. Call or stop by one of our showrooms today!

Carpet is the coziest choice

Carpet floors are unlike all other types of floor coverings. Its soft, bouncy touch is a terrific way to make your home more comfortable.    When you come to our carpet store, you'll have the opportunity to choose from various tones, weaves, and styles. If you’re unsure what sort of floor you wish for a particular space in your house, our knowledgeable crew is always accessible to provide great advice.

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Enhanced insulation and energy efficient

One of the more appealing characteristics of carpet is the level of soundproofing it provides. Since the fibers absorb sound, you won't hear each footstep or have your voice echo all through the house. Instead, your house will seem soothing and more restful.   When you install carpet, you not only improve the level of soundproofing in your space, but you can also save money on your energy bills. Carpets are cozy and keep heat, making it easier for your heating to do its task.

How to get your carpet

  1. A free estimate - Give us a call or visit our carpet store, and we'll be thrilled to talk about the flooring selections we offer and give you a free estimate.
  2. Time period and budget - When you’ve selected your ideal carpet, we'll discuss the payment options and give you a date for delivery and installation.
  3. Carpet installation - Our crew will come on the scheduled date and get started installing your attractive new floors. We only provide top-quality brands, so you know you’re going to be delighted with the result.
  4. Warranty and customer satisfaction - After your carpet installation, we’ll check to make certain that you’re 100% thrilled with it all and give you the warranty.
Luxury carpet in Denver, CO from The Flooring Group

We invite you to visit our carpet store

When it comes to measuring and installation, it’s always better to leave it to the professionals. With their accurate measuring methods, our installers will make sure you never have to pay for more than you need. Their ultimate attention to detail extends to every part of the carpet installation.

We can help you whether or not you know which brand, color, and feel of carpet you want or if you need help choosing.

When you're ready for the best carpet at the best prices, visit one of our carpet stores in Denver, CO. We serve in and around the Denver Metro area